First Father's Day Gifts for New Dads

Father throwing and catching smiling baby in the air

Exciting First Father's Day Gifts for New Dads

Choosing a Father's Day gift for a new dad can be a bit challenging. Well, don't worry because we have provided some ideas to help you out. Read on to find some exciting gift ideas for new dads and dads-to-be.


greeting card

1. Greeting cards

First up, we have some adorable greeting cards. A lovely greeting card can go a long way to show your warm wishes and congratulate a new dad on their newborn. Buy a Father's Day greeting card and fill it with wishes to show how much you love and care for him and give your congratulations to the new dad. Add a gift card or voucher to the card to make your greetings even more special. A gift voucher from Mamas and Papas or a Jojo Maman Bebe gift card would be a perfect addition to the card! The gift cards can be used to buy prams, push chairs, baby products, and many more things that a new dad may wish to buy for his newborn. Here are a few more gift vouchers that are perfect to go along with a greeting card.

2. Gift vouchers/cards

With a newborn comes a lot of toy shopping. So, what could be a better dad-to-be gift than shopping gift cards and vouchers? Send a gift card from The Entertainer or The Works to help your new dad in toy shopping. The Entertainer cards can be redeemed at The Entertainer stores and online at, and the Works vouchers can be redeemed at over 500 the Works stores across the UK. Fat Face gift cards will make equally fabulous new dad gifts and allow a Dad to treat himself to some new clothes. 


3. Flowers

Flowers will never lose their significance as a gift - always special and warm. Buy a bouquet of lillies or sunflowers or whichever flower your endearing new dad likes for his first Father's Day gift and congratulate him on starting a new family.

4. Books, CDs, and DVDs

If the new dad in your life is a bookworm, a CD, DVD, or a book on how to take better care of a newborn would be an excellent gift choice for his first Father's Day. To make the gift even more special, add a gift card from National Book Tokens. So, he can buy the books he wishes to. The card is redeemable at Waterstones, WHSmith, British Bookshops, and over 2000 other independent bookshops across the UK. Here are a few other book gift cards options, you can choose from. 


5. Watches 

The birth of a newborn is a special time for new parents, marking the start of their family and a new journey in their life. So, a watch is a perfect gift to mark this time. Give your sweet new dad a lovely watch and something to remember the birth of his first born. You will be creating a long-lasting memory and he will have something to cherish forever. 

6. Chocolates

A pack of scrumptious chocolates is an excellent choice for a first Father's Day gift. And it would be an even more amazing new dad gift if you give it to a chocolate-loving dad to celebrate his first Father's Day. Why not treat a new dad to some delicious chocolates to feast on for his first Father's Day? Here are a few chocolate hampers from Cadbury Father's Day chocolate selection you can choose from. Cadbury Father's Day gifts reflect the essence of Father's Day and are perfect to make new dads' first Father's Day memorable. 

7. Clothing

Twinning father and child T-shirts are trendy and good choices for first Father's Day gifts. If your dad-to-be fancies some new clothes, a pair of twinning T-shirts for a Father's Day gift will make his day. You can also give a fashion gift card or voucher from TK Maxx, Marks & Spencer, Bentalls, and other fashion retailers. It would be a good first Father's Day gift for a fashion-conscious dad-to-be. 

8. Fragrance

Some men are known to be fragrance-lovers and for always smelling great. If the new dad in your life is one of those men, a perfume from Boss, Calvin Klein, Versace, Givenchy and other popular fragrance brands would make an excellent choice for a first Father's Day gift. Beauty gift cards from Harvey Nichols, Boots, and other popular beauty brands are also excellent first Father's Day gifts for fragrance-loving new dads.

Home decor

9. Home decor

The birth of a child calls for home improvement and many more changes within the home, including shopping for a pram, stroller, bassinet and other infant essentials. Gift cards from Wickes, IKEA, The White Company, and other homeware brands are good choices for dad-to-be gifts and help the new dad-to-be in your life prep for the newborn beforehand. 

10. Footwear

Footwear is a natural choice for a gift for sporty and athletic men. A pair of shoes, sneakers, or boots is an excellent Father's Day gift for fathers. They are equally fabulous new dad gifts for fathers-to-be who love to play, run, hike, and be adventurous in general. To make Father's Day even more exciting for your sporty new dad, add a gift card from Decathalon, American Golf, Sports Direct, or any other sports brand.


Now go on and choose one or more of these Father's Day gifts that seem perfect to you and send to your sweet new dad. We have lots of other gift options for new dads on our Father's Day gift ideas page, go check them out.