My Perspective Downs Syndrome International Photo Competion

Voucher Express sponsors the Down's Syndrome Association My Perspective International Photo competition.

This year's My Perspective International Photo awards has been won by Amirhossein Bagheri from Iran in a colourful montage featuring traditional Iranian dress.  

Voucher Express International was proud to sponsor the annual photographic competition for people with Downs syndrome which attracted entries from around the world.  

In years gone by, people with Down's syndrome were themselves photographed as exhibits; the viewer being encouraged to observe the difference rather than look at the person. My Perspective turns the camera around and gives people with Down's syndrome the opportunity to show the world from their point of view.

The awards took place this week at the beautiful Normansfield Theatre in Teddington, in the grounds of what was once the private hospital established by Dr John Landon Down, the Victorian doctor who first identified the condition that now bears his name. Peter Davison, best known as the 5th Doctor Who made the awards.



A fuller review of the competion can be viewed on the Downs Syndrome Association website here