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Voucher Express is owned & operated by Hemingways Marketing Services Ltd [HMS] - an independent, medium size company based in Ripon in North Yorkshire, England. The company has traded successfully for well over 70 years, with its origins tracing back to 1918.

Hemingways works with some of Europe's biggest companies, and is one of the most successful independent companies in the region. Hemingways also ranks within the region's top 100 fastest growing companies.

As a specialist e-commerce, sales and distribution company, HMS operates in two main areas of business: the sale of retail Gift Vouchers and Gift Cards and the promotion of chocolate and other confectionery on behalf of Cadbury, Green & Black's, and other major manufacturers. Visit the Hemingways site: www.hemingways.co.uk


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Voucher Express was launched in November 1999 - aiming to provide a convenient one-stop-shop for retail Gift Cards and Gift Vouchers. Voucher Express remains the UK's leading online Gift Voucher retailer with the support of over 80 major UK retailers. In addition, Voucher Express is responsible for managing the online sale of Gift Vouchers and Gift Cards for over 50 major UK retailers including:



Hemingways Marketing Services [HMS], the owner of Voucher Express is also responsible for all aspects of Cadbury Gifts Direct - the online gift site for Cadbury chocolate. Cadbury Gifts Direct was launched in September 2003 and is run under licence from Cadbury. Green & Black's gift site, Green & Black's Direct is also managed by HMS offering a range of organic chocolate gifts for consumers and corporate sectors.