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Father’s Day is coming up and that means it’s time to prepare for some quality bonding time with your dad or father figure. Now, Dads come in all shapes and sizes, with all kinds of interests and abilities. So, in this article we’ve pulled together a variety of activities that you and your dad can get involved with this Father’s Day. Hopefully, there should be something for everyone!

For the cycling dad

If your dad’s as happy on two wheels as on two feet, then he’ll love a family ride on Father’s Day. Have a think about your dad’s favourite local areas and then plan out the perfect route that’ll let you take in the sights. Just make sure to schedule in plenty of breaks throughout the day for some well-earned rest (and photo opportunities!), as well as the all-important lunch at his favourite café or pub.
Or if you’re feeling adventurous, how about going further afield and picking a route through an area you’ve never been to before? Our Discovery Hub has got some great ideas for popular routes for all abilities, so be sure to check it out if you’re looking for some inspiration.

For the motoring dad

Dads that prefer to be behind the wheel rather than in the saddle can also enjoy a family day out. Again, have a think about your dad’s favourite areas or particular places that might interest him and build your route around these. Plan some pit stops at these areas to give you loads of places to explore as you work your way towards your ultimate destination: somewhere to grab some delicious Father’s Day food.
And why not spice up the journey itself with a Dad-inspired playlist or some trivia games? If you’ve got any in-car tech that includes Amazon’s Alexa then she can really help here. If not, well, potential Father’s Day gift?

For the car cleaning dad

Does it sometimes seem like your dad loves his car more than you? If he treats his wheels like a part of the family, then he’ll probably be up for a bit of a car cleaning face-off. So grab those sponges, equip those detergents, get those pressure washer guns at the ready and prepare to do battle!
We’d suggest setting a time period and then getting another family member to do the judging to keep things fair. Of course, if you end up accidentally soaking your dad during the cleaning then that’s just an unfortunate side effect – all’s fair in love and war, after all!

For the DIYing dad

Anyone can hold a hammer. So even if you’re hopeless at fixing or building things yourself, helping out a DIY-loving dad could be a great way to spend Father’s Day. Maybe he’s got a project going on in the garage or workshop that would benefit from a second pair of hands. Or maybe he’d just love to get through some of the stuff on his DIY to-do list. Whatever the situation, your support won’t just help get the work done but will also create some quality bonding time.
We also do a pretty great line of hand tools here at Halfords, so there are loads of potential Father’s Day gifts for the DIYing dad just a click away.

For the game-playing dad

If your dad has a competitive streak, then a day of playing games would be top of our list of recommended activities. Card games and board games are perfect choices – particularly if we’re enjoying some classic British rain on Father’s Day – and there are so many to choose from that you’re sure to find one that suits your dad’s interests.
A more interactive option would be some video gaming or perhaps even an online escape room. This type of entertainment has become increasingly popular over the last year and if you can take the pressure, then it’s a great activity that the whole family can enjoy (and probably argue about over dinner).
If we’re lucky with the weather, then outside games become a winning option. Why not take your dad down to the local park for a kick-around or treat them to a few rounds of golf? Just remember, it’s the taking part that counts.

For the staycationing dad

Staycations are going to be big business this year, so chances are there might be one in your dad’s future. If a family staycation is on the cards then why not put in some research and bring some options to discuss on Father’s Day? It could be ideas about a possible location or maybe even specific places where you could stay – anything that gets the conversation flowing and helps you to narrow down your choices and find the perfect staycation destination for you.
You could also start putting some thought into staycation essentials like tents, camping supplies and roofboxes – and we can lend a hand there.

With a Halfords Gift Card you can puchase all of these amazing Gift Ideas for your dad this Father's Day.

We hope you have an amazing Father’s Day