How Gift Cards can help with the Cost of Living Crisis

No one has been immune to the increase in cost of living we’re all experiencing right now, and with so many of us struggling, it means the money we do spend is even more meaningful!  

By giving a Gift Card this year, it can help our loved ones out in keeping up with the increase in costs, as well as encouraging them to treat themselves during a period when that may not be possible.

Here, we’ve compiled a list of some amazing Gift Cards which can be given to the people that mean so much to us, with some great suggestions on how they can help during this tricky time! 

Helping Them with the Food Shop! 


With the increase in cost of necessities right now, like petrol and utility bills, so many of us are stressed to the max about how we’re going to make ends meet. 

One of the best ways Voucher Express can be used to help those around us, is by making use of our wide selection of Gift Cards for supermarkets! Not only will these Gift Cards help to ease the pressure of the weekly shop, but it may also mean your gift recipient can use their Gift Card to treat themselves to something a little more luxurious in their food shop, as a well done for doing amazing through all of this.

Here are some of the supermarket gift cards we recommend for treating your friends and family!



Sainsbury’s can be a great option for your gift recipient, with its wide range of foods, general groceries, TU clothing and homeware, they’ll be spoilt for choice! It can also be a great saver of costs in some areas, with some items being Aldi price matched! 


Morrison’s is a great contender for a supermarket Gift Card, with its huge savings on tons of named brands, helping you get the most bang for your buck… or bang for your Gift Card! This also features a wide range of options when it comes to food, homeware, clothing, books, DVDs and appliances, making it so useful for someone who needs help with costs!


ASDA can be an absolute staple for those of us trying to make our money stretch as much as possible right now, with a ton of essential items available at incredible prices. Not only can you pick up a variety of items from different departments, such as kitchen and home appliances, homeware, groceries, clothing, books and freshly made pizzas or sushi, but you can also pick up some of your most essential items under the ASDA “Just Essential” range, which offers excellent quality items for hugely discounted prices, just to help in cutting costs as much as possible! 



The Waitrose Gift Card can be redeemed at any Waitrose shop. As a high-end grocery retailer, it can be a great Gift Card for those foodies out there who aren’t able to splurge as much as they’d like! It can also be redeemed at John Lewis, meaning they can also use it for an enormous range of products instore and online, that they maybe wouldn’t justify spending on otherwise!


Known as one of the most classic, high quality British brands, Mark’s and Spencer's, and M&S Food are a great option for helping add some tasty bits to their cupboards! With lots of deals going on all the time, and a broad selection of freshly baked and made items, you can pick up some fantastic items with a gift card from here! Also, a secret little tip for you, a lot of the M&S own brand essentials, such as crisps, pasta, canned items, and ice creams, are very similar in price to a lot of other name brands’, but they have that unique M&S taste you cannot find anywhere else! 

Helping Them Come Up for Air!

A lot of us are having to be so diligent right now with how we spend, where we spend, what we can afford and what we may struggle to afford. And the stress that comes with that can be all-consuming.

It’s hard not to feel overwhelmed and worried about how this is going to affect us in the near, and distant, future. 

Although it’s easier said than done, it’s so important we take a breather from all the worry and try to just have some fun. So be kind to yourself and remember to try and get out there and live! 

A truly memorable way to gift someone struggling with the cost-of-living crisis, is to give them a Gift Card which can be used for some amazing experience days! Here, we’ve suggested some of our favourite Gift Cards to give your loved one a fun break from ‘the norm’, without them having to worry about the cost of it! 


Virgin Experience Days 

The Virgin Experience Days Gift Card is a fantastic option for a gift, with an immense variety of different experiences to choose from! They can be spent on anything from online courses on cake decorating, to a package trip to the theatre for a west end show and a dinner for two, or even to spa days and spa breaks for anyone needing to relax all the tension the cost of living is causing! There are so many more great options available with this Gift Card so that your recipient can blow off some steam however suits them best!



What better way to take your mind off everything than going to a great concert and dancing all your worries away! Or laughing it off with a comedian at a comedy show? Or getting all your frustration out, screaming at your favourite sporting event? (Maybe not screaming at Wimbledon though…) 
All these options are available for the redeemer to pick from with the Ticketmaster Gift Card, making it such a good option for your lucky recipient to try something new, or see something they would love to see, but can’t afford themselves, right now! 

Great British Pub Card 

I think we can all agree, we’ve all earned a night out on the town right now, with the fantastic weather & extra bank holidays, the Great British Pub Gift Card can be a terrific way to buy your loved one a much-needed drink! Make sure to drink responsibly, though! It can also be used for our non-drinkers to get a lovely meal out at any of the participating pubs with a restaurant, not to mention the option of spending on accomodation at some pubs linked with this card! With a fun atmosphere and availabilty all over the country at over 1,700 locations, this card is perfect for our favourite people who deserve to let their hair down, get dressed up and forget about everything for a while! 


Helping Them to Treat Themselves! 

A lot of us are having to cut back at the moment, to be able to cover the increased cost of so many things, and one of the first things we cut back on is our indulgences. 

It can be hard to justify spending the pennies on things we feel we don’t really need. But for a special occasion, or as a way of showing someone how much you care, it’s important to remind people that they deserve to treat themselves… especially now! 

By giving a Gift Card, your loved one has no choice but to treat themselves, and rightly so! 

Here, we have provided a list of some of our favourite retailers who offer some amazing self-care products.  

These Gift Cards can do wonders in offering our loved ones no choice but to spoil themselves rotten. Who does not love the sound of that for a gift? 



With a vast selection of Highstreet and designer brands, ASOS is a great option for encouraging your loved one to treat themselves to something just for them! It stocks so many varieties of styles and brands of clothing. ASOS Gift Cards are also redeemable in their face and body section, offering some fabulous makeup or skincare! There are also a variety of gadgets available, such as Fitbits, Instax cameras and film, earphones and so much more! It provides so many options for the recipient, forcing them to treat themselves to a well-deserved gift on you! 


National Book Tokens 

Many people relish the chance to be transported to another world by getting stuck into an enjoyable book! The National Book Token Gift Card is the perfect option for these guys, as it means they can treat themselves to a great escape, via a romance book, an adventure story, a non-fiction book on a cool topic, a self-improvement book, and more, there are so many options! What better way to gift our bookworm friends, than with a great good book and an excuse to immerse ourselves in a whole new world?


A great option for helping someone treat themselves is giving a B&Q gift card. Known for its range of items to help with any DIY project, it’s a great option to encourage some of your creative, or hands-on friends and family to get set on a new project! Whether it be used to paint and fit a new kitchen for a home refresh, or an investment in the summer with some outdoors furniture and gardening bits, or a wide selection of homeware to spruce up their home, the gift card can help your recipient indulge in making the most of the space they are in now or getting set on some DIY to change things up!


Giving Them the Helping Hand for Anything! 

It can be difficult to know exactly how we can help, in the most effective way possible with our gifts, and if that’s the case for you, an amazing option is the VEX Gift Card

This Gift Card can be redeemed across multiple supermarkets, experiences, and retailers, so that your loved ones can spend it exactly how they would like.  

Not only can the VEX Gift Card be redeemed against hundreds of different Gift Cards and eGift Cards, but the value can also be split among as many places as you would like. Meaning your Gift Card can be used for your loved one to do all our suggestions above! 

By giving a VEX Gift Card, your recipient has complete flexibility to help relieve some of the pressure that they are feeling right now in whatever area, or areas, they feel they need the most help, making the gift even more special and valuable! 

P.S. all the suggested Gift Cards above are shops which the VEX Gift Card can be redeemed against, along with many more! 
Although this period is challenging for all of us, we’re in it together and hopefully all will get better soon! In the meantime, take our advice in getting a breather from all the stress and worry, treating yourself and showing as much love as you can for the people you care about, I think we could all do with that right now!