Sainsbury's Gift Cards

With over 1,000 stores nationwide the Sainsbury's Gift Card is the perfect Gift

Sainsbury's Gift Cards

Sainsbury's Gift Cards - offering a huge choice of groceries and products for your home to suit all budgets

Sainsbury's Gift Cards can be redeemed on thousands of quality products; mouth-watering foods, great wines, wide screen TVs, beauty treats and the latest CDs. The Sainsbury's Gift Card can now also be redeemed on a new home range in Sainsbury's stores with stylish modern interior accessories as well as fashions to suit every wardrobe with the Sainsbury's clothing range TU.

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We've partnered with Sainsbury's to offer eGift Cards.

Sainsbury's eGift Card

Where can I spend my Sainsbury's Gift Card?

Sainsbury's Gift Cards can be spent in all Sainsbury's Supermarkets and coffee shops. There are over 1000 Sainsbury's Supermarkets nationwide, making the Sainsbury's Gift Card the perfect supermarket Gift Card. You can also earn Nectar points on your Sainsbury's Gift Card redemption.

Do Sainsbury's Gift Cards have an expiry date?

Sainsbury's Gift Cards have a 2 year expiry date.

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