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 School Meal Vouchers


Voucher Express is proud to be helping schools deliver Supermarket Vouchers to provide school meals to pupils.

Schools can purchase up to £250 of physical Supermarket Gift cards via the Voucher Express website, or can speak to a member of our corporate team if they wish to order higher values or digital products.

Our Solutions for schools

Digital Supermarket Gift Cards

If you need supermarket Gift Cards emailed directly to you so you can print them off, or emailed directly to families you're looking to supoport, then you can get in contact with the corporate team today.

Email us:

Call us: 0371 664 2300

We have a range of Supermarket eGift Cards available including Sainsbury's, Morrisons, ASDA, Tesco*, Marks & Spencer and Waitrose (available as a John Lewis eGift). You can view our full range of eGift Cards here.

Digital Supermarket Gift Cards

Physical Gift Cards

You can purchase up to £250 in one transaction online and choose from our range of Supermarket Gift Cards. Or to order more than £250 you can call our corporate team on the details shown above. You can choose to send the Gift Cards back to yourself, or we can post directly to your recipients. Check out our supermarket gift cards below.

ASDA Gift Cards Tesco Gift Cards Morrisons Gift Cards 
ASDA Gift Cards Tesco Gift Cards* Morrisons Gift Cards 
Marks & Spencer Gift Cards Sanisburys Gift Cards Waitrose Gift Cards 
Marks & Spencer Gift Cards Sainsbury's Gift Cards Waitrose Gift Cards 


*Please note that Tesco Gift Cards and eGift Cards are not available to purchase on our website anymore, however if ordering on behalf of a school or business you can order directly with our b2b sales team.

Email us:

Call us: 0371 664 2300